Adrian is committed to ensuring that property values in Bowie continue to increase and that the city remains in a strong economic position. Adrian believes the city of Bowie should be focused on increasing the commercial tax base while redeveloping aging and deteriorating shopping centers. As a son of a small business owner in Bowie, Adrian wants to find new ways to bring businesses into the city while retaining the businesses we have.


Adrian wants the city of Bowie to be more involved with The 21st Century School Facilities Commission, also known as the Knott Commission, and the Maryland State Delegation to ensure prioritization for our local schools, leading to economic growth in the city.


As a representative for District 3, Adrian plans to lead the conversation about what should happen with the Sears lot in the Bowie Town Center. He is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders have ample time and ability to lend their opinions. 


Core city



Adrian believes continuing the city's reliable core services without sacrificing public safety and emergency services is vitally critical to Bowie's continued success. 



Adrian believes that an ongoing issue for city residents is traffic. He believes that improved traffic will help grow the economy, create jobs and make life, and commutes, easier for residents. Adrian plans to work with county and state officials to find the best solutions to improve heavily traveled city roads, including U.S. Route 301 and U.S. Route 197.




Adrian believes our communities are best served when there is trust and communication between residents and elected officials. He has long advocated for accountability and transparency in government. Adrian believes elected officials must answer to their constituents, listen to their concerns and involve them in the decision-making process. He plans to create new channels for open discussions and implement civic engagement strategies to keep District 3 residents more informed.

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